Wedding Arbour/Trellis in use

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop Arbour

We provided this arbour/trellis as accoutrement for a wedding ceremony site.  The two day turnaround requirement, dictated that this was an entirely fabricated piece.  The special aspect of this project was that after the ceremony, a cedar bench seat was installed and the unit was relocated to the couples garden on their acreage.  They will […]

Hammering out a draw bar

Power Hammer

These are especially exciting times for us here at Edmonton Blacksmith Shop, we have been working on and testing a power hammer we designed, that will be a regular production item for us. The criteria for us was, design and build a pneumatic utility power hammer with premium durability and user ergonomics, while keeping it […]

Focus on Quality Blacksmithing

As a blacksmith who holds paramount, carrying on the tradition of pride and quality workmanship in every piece that my hand and hammer touches, I am always disappointed when I see a blacksmith who does not take pride or care in their work. This is not a space that I want to occupy on an […]