Hammering out a draw bar

Power Hammer

These are especially exciting times for us here at Edmonton Blacksmith Shop, we have been working on and testing a power hammer we designed, that will be a regular production item for us.

The criteria for us was, design and build a pneumatic utility power hammer with premium durability and user ergonomics, while keeping it affordable for hobbyist and professional blacksmiths alike. That also means no expensive foundation required. A unit that wasn’t necessarily the most powerful on the market, but definitely not the least. A hammer to bring new found wonderment to the beginner, yet still put a fiendish grin on an experienced blacksmiths face. A hammer that if after years of steady usage required some refurbishing, the owner wouldn’t have to own a complete machine shop to work on it. This includes being able to make your own additional dies. Lastly provide western Canadian blacksmiths with easily accessible power hammers, meaning no major shipping costs, no US border issues, and dealing in Canadian currency.

Stay tuned!

Thank you and kind regards,
Shane Kaminsky
Owner, Edmonton Blacksmith Shop