Our business was built on small projects that led to bigger ones, and we don’t forget that.

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop is a modern full service blacksmith shop dedicated to metalworking excellence.

The best of traditional and modern methods of working with metals are employed.  This approach is unlike any other local blacksmith business, and is one we take great pride in.  We refer to this as our “Complete Metalworker” philosophy.

In conjunction with this, our innovative designs and quality are unrivalled.  We encourage a collaborative design process with our clients, or if preferred we are happy to create an original design that fits your requirements.

We utilize the same computer aided drafting & design software as the aerospace industry.  What this means for your project is that coupled with our team of elite tradespeople, the best of the best is being incorporated into your work.  A constant diverse project work load keeps things very interesting at our facility.

Some of the popular items, by no means the extent, are landscape architectural elements, hand forged wrought iron, furniture, railings, gates, hardware, distinct signage, countertop support brackets, extraordinary sculpture and specialty tools.  Whether your project requirements are artistic, straight-ahead functional or both, we are your one stop metalwork shop.

We believe in offering exceptional value for your money, meaning the aforementioned does not translate to exorbitant cost.  We look forward to working with you.