Owner’s Statement


For me, being a blacksmith embodies daily steadfast dedication to metalworking excellence.  This mindset is at the forefront of the work I do with my team.  The goal is to be “a complete metalworker.”

I believe a complete metalworker is versed and proficient in all aspects of metalworking.  This is how I honour the master blacksmiths that came before me.  These blacksmiths dedicated their lives to the quest of metalworking perfection.  We all know that ultimately perfection is unattainable.  Nonetheless, this is what I aspire to do with my team as we engage a unique approach that unites traditional craft with modern methods.  Being skilled in traditional blacksmith forging, joinery and heat treating methods is only the beginning.  I believe that being equally competent in modern methods and knowledge such as machining, welding, modern heat treating, flame straightening, fitting, pattern layout, computer aided drafting & design, CNC machine programming, finite element analysis, non-destructive testing methods, applying Canadian Standards Association standards and American Society of Mechanical Engineers code all play essential roles in achieving  metalworking  excellence.

Being a present day blacksmith means possessing this continuum of skills and knowledge.  This is a requirement for all members of my team.

Our repertoire lends itself to excelling in exceedingly diverse projects with an equally assorted clientele.  These include an architect who requires stainless steel work at a hospital,  an engineer seeking assistance designing and constructing  a device for lifting entire buildings,  an interior designer who requires a staircase and railings, a residential home owner who would like a one-of-a-kind artistic gate, a student of Kenjutsu (Japanese swordsmanship) that would like a traditionally-forged Japanese sword, a gallery owner seeking a unique sculpture, an artist or tradesperson who requires a specialty tool for their work or a senior citizen who requires help repairing his lawn mower.  I could go on.

We have three engineers on retainer with expertise in welding, structural integrity and mechanics.  When you work with our team not only are you guaranteed an innovative design, you are also assured of structural integrity and mechanical functionality when applicable.

Our daily operations are governed by a strict quality assurance/control program.  I am also a certified Canadian Welding Bureau quality control inspector.  All projects leaving our facility have a minimum of three inspections that are documented in a quality control data booklet that is shipped with your project or provided upon installation.

Our business was built on small projects that led to bigger ones, and we don’t forget that.

No matter the magnitude of your project – do not hesitate to give us a call.

My name is Shane Kaminsky and I am a blacksmith.