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290 lb. Anvil – $2495.00

Hydraulic Forging Presses

Starting at $6500.00 CDN

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop is designing and building custom hydraulic forging presses based on individual’s performance requirements.

Keep in mind – the most significant factor in this process is the electrical power supply available on site.

Your power supply will dictate variables such as feasible tonnage force and attainable cylinder rod extension and retraction speed.

Both C-Frame and H-Frame configured hydraulic forging presses are options, dependent upon which style is most appropriate for you.

Please feel free to give us a call at 780 499 3944 to discuss bringing to life your forging press.

Volundr – Flagship model

Volundr 100 – Gen. 1

Volundr 100 – Gen. 2

  • Bending Forks

Custom Bending Forks – $200/pair

Each made out of a single piece of solid steel (no welds).

Special Edition Cylindrical Double Side Burner Propane Forge (3″ thick insulation!) – $1355.00

This Edmonton Blacksmith Shop designed and manufactured propane forge comes furnished with 12 fire bricks, 25′ of hose, regulator, and gauge. Equipped with propane air-induction burners that are stingy with the propane, yet high on heat output. From 2 psi up to 30 psi, a neutral to slightly reducing flame is maintained. The internal forge cavity is 8″ in diameter by 18″ in length. This forge was designed with Bladesmiths and Blacksmiths in mind. That said, you are able to forge weld to your hearts content in these units.

We utilize cutting edge design, and finite element analysis software for the creation of our forges.  As a result our burner efficiency extracts the optimum amount of heat, out of a given amount of propane. The lower psi you are able to have the propane set at equates to a great deal of money saved in propane costs.

Another factor to keep in mind is the versatility of being able to have infinite adjustment of your forge openings by using fire brick. You are able to customize those openings based on whatever project you are working on at a given time.

The heat reflective interior coating applied to all of our forges is rated for 3400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make note of the special accommodation made in the vertical base plate to accept a material rest for both the front and the back of the forge. This square through hole will accept a 3/4″ square bar or tube.

Lastly and the most important. We have incorporated three high quality safety shutoff ball valves into these units for quick shut down of the forge if it is ever required.

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop – Propane Forge Burners

Officially for sale!

Sold in pairs for $320.00. If more than two burners are required, additional burners can be purchased for $160.00 each.

Burners can be inexpensively mailed anywhere in North America through Canada Post.

Please note that the customer will be required to sign a waiver/purchase agreement to buy any burners.

Feel free to give us a phone call at 780-499-3944 to discuss our burners further.

Cylindrical Triple Side Burner Propane Forge – $1600.00

Consider the bar raised in forge construction!  This is the ultimate blacksmith/bladesmith forge, in versatility and performance.  This forge will enable you to become a forge welding god.

This Edmonton Blacksmith Shop designed and manufactured forge features:

  • An 8” diameter by 18” in length internal forge chamber.
  • 3” thick insulation, with a 3400 degree Fahrenheit rated heat isolating/reflective coating applied to it.
  • Three of our high performance, fuel miser burners.
  • Four high quality ball valves that enable independent burner control, and instantaneous shut down if required.
  • Custom bolt on formed brick support brackets.
  • 12 fire bricks.
  •  A kiln shelf floor.
  • A top handle system that is designed to instantly accept an optional to purchase, vertical lift quick release door.  This enables the user to swap in seconds, between using fire bricks or a hinged door.
  • Also note the ¾” square hardie hole centered just below the cylinder to receive a material rest for both the front, and back of the forge.
  • A 0-30 psi regulator, gauge, and 25’ of propane hose with appropriate connection fittings.

Anvil Bases – Inquire about current pricing : 780-499-3944

Note : Dolly not included.

3 lb. Blacksmith Cross Pein Hammer – $62.00

Contact us regarding Blacksmith Tong & Hammer Packages : 780-499-3944