Edmonton Blacksmith Shop – Blacksmith & Bladesmith Forge Welding Flux

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop – Blacksmith & Bladesmith Forge Welding Flux is back in stock!  These are 1.34 Kilogram sealed containers of pure lab grade anhydrous borax.  Ideal for pattern-welded/Damascus steel, or straight ahead blacksmith forge welding.

We are selling this premium quality forge welding flux for the phenomenal value price of $25.00 per canister while stock is available.  Please note, in order to be as fair as possible to everyone, sales are one canister per customer.  This flux is extremely popular and sells out quickly, so contacting us promptly is the best way to secure a canister.

Blacksmith Coffee by Edmonton Blacksmith Shop

In-house roasted Edmonton Blacksmith Shop signature Blacksmith Coffee is now available in 1 lb. bags for $25.00 each.  As the label states, this coffee is not for the faint of heart.  If savoring or guzzling a cup of coffee that has a robust flavour and packs a punch, is your preferred way to start your day at the anvil, then this is the coffee for you!

Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will hook you up.  Be forewarned, we have been told that our coffee is highly addictive and once tried – all other coffee pales in comparison.