Edmonton Blacksmith Shop is now a distributor of Evenheat products!

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop is pleased to announce that we are now a distributor of Evenheat products. This product line features exceptional quality knife/heat treat ovens, salt bath heat treat units, and kilns.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote/lead time on any products you may be interested in. Currently there is a seven week lead time on Evenheat orders.

Visit the Evenheat website for detailed product information at https://www.evenheat-kiln.com/knife-heat-treat-ovens

Blacksmith Aprons and Custom Leather Gear

We outfit you with the finest quality blacksmith aprons and leather gear you will find on the planet.  Made in Alberta!  Rugged and well – designed. 

You are encouraged to contact us for custom specialized gear that suits your specific needs.  From blacksmith to bladesmith, or steampunk for that matter.  Edmonton Blacksmith Shop literally has you covered.   

Please note that leather hides can vary slightly in colour and texture.  We will certainly do our best to ensure that you have the most accurate visual representation of the materials that will be used in your items prior to placing your order. 

Bison hide blacksmith apron c/w cell phone pouch – $350.00

Bull hide blacksmith apron c/w cell phone pouch  – $275.00

Extra! Extra! You must read all about it. 

Fresh off the press – The Knifenerd Guide To Japanese Knives.   We now have in stock this new book released by Kevin Kent, with exceptional photographic accompaniment by Visti Kjar.

They have brought to life this 312 page hard cover book, that is a beautiful homage to the art and craft of blacksmithing and bladesmithing.


This book covers various smiths, individual styles, knife care, materials, and equipment used in the process.  It also contains a well laid out section on metallurgy.


You don’t specifically have to be interested in Japanese knives to get a lot out of this book.  The information could be applied to any style of cutlery, or other blacksmithing endeavours.


The cost to purchase this fine book is $45.00 + GST, and would make an excellent gift for current or aspiring blacksmiths/bladesmiths.


Contact Edmonton Blacksmith Shop to acquire your copy today!

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop Coal

Need quality blacksmith coal?  Contact us with your quantity requirements, whether you need 70 lbs. or 70 000 lbs..

We are able to facilitate Canada wide shipping of bagged and palletized blacksmith coal.

You are welcome to contact us by phone at 780 499 3944, or e-mail via our contact page.

In honour of the Humboldt Broncos

All of us here at Edmonton Blacksmith Shop would like to express how deeply sorry we are for everyone affected by the tragic event that took place on the afternoon of April 6.

Our heartfelt thoughts are with you.

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop – Burner test fire

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop – Burner test fire at 2 psi


Edmonton Blacksmith Shop – Burner test fire at 30 psi

CanIRON X 2015

CanIRON X 2015

Join blacksmiths from across North America and beyond for Canada’s next national blacksmith gathering, CanIRON X, taking place July 2nd5th, 2015 in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. The Cape Breton Blacksmiths Association will be hosting the 10th anniversary of Canada’s biennial blacksmithing event in the historic and picturesque village of Baddeck. Special international guests include Albert Paley, Zeevik Gottlieb, Uri Hofi, Lorelei Sims and Mark Aspery.

Watch sparks fly as master smiths bend hot iron into graceful forms of artistic and functional artwork. Try your hand at blacksmithing with an introductory lesson. Stroll through a diverse venders market featuring multi-media artisans from a variety of cultures, local craft beer and oysters, blacksmithing books and metal equipment and more. Visit an inspiring gallery of ironwork or if you’re a young person, take part in a youth-led blacksmithing class. Enjoy local music entertainment, group meals, and mingle with practicing blacksmithing from around the world. Take in the sounds of ringing anvils, the smell and hypnotic fire of coal burning forges, while you learn more about a craft that helped build our communities and country.

Celebrate the International Year of Light and Canada’s Craft Year with the Canadian blacksmithing community in 2015.  Come for a day or take in the whole conference. We look forward to giving you a warm Cape Breton welcome at CanIRON X, a one-of-a-kind experience that you will not want to miss.

Edmonton Blacksmith Shop encourages all who have a love of iron to attend.